• An excellent HR initiative with low budget

    An excellent HR initiative with low budget

    Choose from a variety of options to meet your company's needs and budget
  • Healthy


    Keep employees loyal, productive and energetic
  • Convenient


    Receive a regular delivery of a variety of fresh fruits
  • Caring


    Demonstrate your company's commitment to your employees' health and well being

About us

We are a young team, committed to helping companies create healthy workplaces for their employees. We monitor the quality of our fruit from purchasing, through packing, to delivery. We only focus on offices, which means we provide a high quality service and by making regular deliveries we are able to keep our prices low.fruitsatofficeaboutus

We ensure we give you and your staff the red carpet experience when it comes to your fruit for work delivery, no matter what your requirements you can be sure we will do our best to arrange the most appropriate solution for you. PauzaDeFructe is the best fruit at work by delivering quality fruits, topped with passionate customer service. You truly have to experience our service to see the difference!
What separates us from the competition is the little things we do, like taking stickers off the fruit before it’s delivered as an additional quality check, ensuring we include a great variety of fresh fruits with every delivery.

Stress from work, routine and various forms of overtraining, such as in the case of work overload computer vision, are factors that lead to fatigue and low energy during the program. For this reason more and more companies that respect have implemented a new form of benefit, namely fruit at work, which is seen as part of the strategy of attraction and keeping the best employees. Give your employees the opportunity to eat fresh fruits at work, thus bringing health and motivation within the company.